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History and Names

History and Names Shito-Ryu  Our style of Karate-do Genbukai  Our branch of Shito-ryu Master Demura  Our Head instructor Master Sakagami  Master Demura’s instructor  Kenwa Mabuni  Founder of Shito-Ryu  and Master Sakagami’s Teacher Expressions of Courtesy & Respect Onegaishimasu  Please (Teach/help me) Arigato Gozaimushita  Thank you Sumimasen  Excuse me Gomen nasai  I’m Sorry Shinzen ni rei  Bow to the dojo …


Dojo Etiquette

Dojo etiquette is another tradition which has been passed down since the days of Sakugawa Sensei. Dojo etiquette are the rules by which Karate practitioners are to conduct themselves. By having these rules, Karate as a whole, is brought up to a higher level of respect. Karate, was at one …


History of Shito Ryu Karate

The origin of today’s four major Japanese karate-do systems can be traced to a group of islands known as the Ryukyu Island chain during the 18th century. Located between Japan (North-East), mainland China (West), and Taiwan (South-West), Okinawa, the largest of the islands had an indigenous martial art form that …